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Reflection of Me

22 September 1984
Disclaimer before bio: This is a place of my thoughts, so if you see something about you and I'm pissed, you might want to think about it. I may just be pissed and I'm not actually meaning it.

This journal is also friends only. If you want to be added, you should leave a comment in my journal to tell me you wish to be added before I'll friend you. I'm usually really bad at remembering LJ names.

If you want contact info, ask.

I also have a story journal, which is maerlota , though this one is hardly updated.


I'm a 27 year old aspiring novelist, who is seeking full time employment and works at Yankee Candle in Queenstown, MD.

I'm also an anime fan, but not an otaku. I just have lots of manga and anime that I watch. Very rarely do I actually fall in love with actual anime, since most of now to me is crap. I watch shows like South Park, Code Monkeys and NCIS, just to name a few.

When I'm not working, I play games. Most of the games I have are classic RPGs and fighting games, when they suit my fancy. Lately I've been getting more into first person shooters too. I also happen to really love the SoulCalibur series and Gears of War.

Another thing is that I love Phoenix Wright/Gyakuten Saiban. Phoenix and Edgeworth are among my favorites of this series. Of course, so are the Fey family :) Whooo. I'm also apparently a colorbar whore when it comes to this, for some reason.

I actually like studying. I know, I'm seeing the looks of astonishment now. I like studying law. I like reading cases, I just hate doing assignments -_- Lately I've been trying to study proper English, and it doesn't help I have people who constant correct me. But I like knowing that there's a difference out there in how we say things.

Hmm, what else? I don't like people who are judgmental of others from where they're from or something stupid like that. It's kind of a dumb thing to do.

I pretty much am open minded about anything mostly. I kind of have to be, these days :p


About my icons:

Look in the userpics that I have to see the credits. Most are to other people's livejournals. There are too many icons I use, and they're getting cluttered in here. But THEY ARE CREDITED.

Here's some things I'm interested in...taken from solelye 's journal, as she made them.

FFIX is old-school love. ♥

These guys rock. ♥

Phoenix Wright Stuff

Phoenix Wright Stamps!

Go to gyakusai_rating to get your stamps today!

Phoenix Wright Color bars

These were made by neostarfire55. Credit should go to her because she makes them with absolute love.

Pairings I support

(This is my crack pairing . . . I made a 1sentence claim using these two. Turned out rather well ^_^)