Anime, Manga and Video Games for Sale!

I'm offering really cheap prices on these things, because I need these to go.

I can take pictures upon request for serious buyers only! They all have their original cases, books and have only been used gently. I will show pictures if people inquire about it. I can take quality pictures with a digital camera.

I'm willing to trade for:

Apollo Justice
The World Ends With You
Final Fantasy: Crisis Core
The Darkness
Eternal Sonata
Naruto on 360
Geometry Wars

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Feedback (public post)

I buy things from different communities, and I would really like to actually have feedback instead of a selling journal; most of the stuff has already been sold in regards to what I had available.




Alright guys, here's the get go.

I need to sell as much stuff as possible in order to finance stuff--including my credit card and my moving situation. All stuff will be ready 1-2 weeks after I get back from England, which is November 2nd.

The computer has been sold to maikujaku for $225 dollars. She will be picking it up when I return home for the two weeks I am there.

More will be updated as time goes along. I am also thinking of selling my Playstation 2, I'll just use Paul's or something when I get back.

Shipping is 2.95 for each item, unless otherwise noted. International shipping is likely to be 5 dollars per item unless it is a huge item, because of how ridiculous the post office is with charging for shipping. I only take checks, cash or money orders. I do not accept Paypal. This entry is also public, in case you want to show this to someone you know.

All stuff in strikeout means it has already been sold.

List of stuff (LJ cut by category)

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Thanks so much to all of you who have bought items! To get information to where to send payment (if you do not live in Maryland or Sheffield) please email maerlota@gmail.com with the subject "Bought (item you bought), need information."

The goal to reach is $3,500.
Goal reached so far is $762 dollars (without shipping costs).